Turn-key Services

project management
metal fabrication

  Design . . . is much more than pretty pictures, although we do come up with some beautiful renderings. 3D design incorporates a myriad of variables from marketing and communication objectives, to use, space and budget parameters. Our experience, training and skills allow us to provide information to our clients so they can make informed decisions. Along with sketches, renderings and models, we offer state-of-the-art 3D computer renderings that are viewable at your convenience and password protected on this site. top

  Engineering . . . puts the smallest details on paper. We work on CAD 2000 and provide a complete set of engineering specifications for our client's approval, prior to putting the job in the shop, as a final check. top

Project Management . . . is the key to a smooth seamless project. Experienced veterans of this unique industry, our Account Managers are calm professionals that methodically keep your project on track. top

  Fabrication . . . is where all the detailed up-front work comes together. This is where those "blue sky" dreams become reality. Magic happens when tools, craftsmen and materials combine to create detailed, engineered components. All pieces are trial fit in the shop and accurate amounts of specified hardware and drawings are sent to site to insure a smooth installation. top

Craftsmanship . . . is what it is all about. The design may look good on paper, but it is the finished product that will stand the test of time. We are constantly investing in our staff and equipment to provide our customers with world-class products. top

  Metal Fabrication . . . is actually an art. Especially in permanent installations where strong supports are required whether suspending a 2,000 lb. lighting effect, or securing etched curved tempered glass to gobo lights and monitors. We are fortunate to have welders that love what they do, and do it well. top

Graphics . . . tell the story and a lot more if you are clever. We recently attended EuroShop in Germany. European designs are said to represent 18 months out in the future compared to state-side design. That may or may not be true, but we did find many exciting materials and techniques that we would love to apply to a rather progressive design. top

  Rentals . . . Have you ever heard the one . . . the best designs come out of tight situations? Well, as budgets tighten dramatically, we often have to get extra creative with our designs. One way to do this is by working with rental systems, customized with unique graphics and lighting effects. If you are interested in renting an exhibit, you might like to have us design a custom rental for you . . . rental that has that custom look without the weight. top

Transportation . . . can make the difference. If you have been in this business long you know how critical it is to have your exhibit packed, weighed, and in your booth when your crew arrives. We load your properties and track your shipment. We have never missed a delivery. top

  Installation . . . can be most cost effective when coordinated and supervised by one project manager. Cost overruns on-site are usually due to improper scheduling of events. Like dominos the dollars rack up once the first delay occurs. Our nationwide installation crew, www.serviceplusnetwork.com has been working with us for years and provides the kind of superior service that virtually guarantees success. top

Maintenance . . . of your exhibit is critical to your program. We have written Show Quality Standards (SQS) manuals for museums and permanent installations that allow your maintenance staff to properly care for your exhibition. We also have written annual maintenance agreements that include faux finish touch-up, fiberglass repair, and mechanical adjustments.
  For tradeshow exhibits we strongly suggest a "pull & inspect" after every show. In the long run the few hours you pay up front, saves you time and money when at the next show someone has to replace graphics or repair chipped laminate, broken lightbulbs, or lost keys. top

  Storage . . . is rather inexpensive at our facility. It is easy to work on your exhibit when it is here with us. Your shows run smoother when a single source is responsible to make you shine. top